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Patient Support Programs

We're a team of healthcare entrepreneurs, software developers, and consultants focused on Revolutionizing PSPs. We're developing a robust IP Portfolio for enhanced patient care and data insights, empowering patients, pharma companies, and other PSP stakeholders.

The DxNovo Vision

Advancing Pharma &
Empowering Patients

Our vision combines consulting expertise with bespoke digital solution development to revolutionize Patient Support Programs (PSPs). We focus on empowering patients, providing them with tailored tools for a more involved and personalized healthcare experience. Simultaneously, we guide pharmaceutical companies in enhancing their PSPs, leveraging our insights to improve data visibility, reduce operational costs, and generate valuable real-world data. This dual approach not only elevates patient care but also refines pharma operations, ensuring a more efficient and insightful healthcare system.



Digital Transformation
RWD Generation
Digital Companions
& Web 3.0

Patient Empowerment

RWD Generation

Cost Optimization

Informed Consent


Supply Management

Data Visibility

Program Adherence

Our Focus

Supporting PSP Stakeholders
Through Innovative Technologies

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Lowering Costs, Increasing Visibility & Data Insights

Our innovative approach to enhancing Patient Support Programs (PSPs) centers around the development of advanced digital tools that cater to the specific needs of pharmaceutical companies, patients, and healthcare professionals/providers (HCPs). These tools are not just products; they are dynamic solutions designed to empower each stakeholder within the healthcare ecosystem, facilitating a more effective and patient-centered approach to care.

Our digital tools offer innovative solutions specifically tailored for pharmaceutical companies, focusing on enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. These tools streamline PSP operations and feature advanced analytics for deeper insights into patient behaviors and program effectiveness. This not only improves the strategic allocation of resources but also boosts patient engagement, crucial for the success of PSPs. By leveraging these tools, pharmaceutical companies can achieve better outcomes, ensuring their programs are both effective and sustainable.

In essence, our digital tools are designed not just to improve existing PSPs but to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered and experienced. By focusing on customization, efficiency, and advanced data utilization, we are setting a new standard in patient support and healthcare innovation.

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